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Dear Fellow Soccer Coach:
Soccer is my Passion and I have an obsession for taking Players (and Coaches) to the next level and to constantly and consistently challenge them in Training Sessions.

I love providing Tools, Nutrition and Hydration Advice and Sessions necessary to understand the Game and how to play it effortlessly.

You are responsible for providing valuable resources and guidance for your team. It takes Mental Toughness and a certain amount of arrogance for you and your Players to become Psychologically, Physically, and Mentally prepared for the Game. That comes with repetition, repetition, and repetition.

Studies have proven that it takes 10,000 hours to obtain and perfect a Skill…

And the real ‘Secret to Training’ and putting in the time is to have your players be able to learn and develop their skills without boring them – constantly challenging them.

That’s where the training in the Coaching Soccer Made Simple Membership Site can help you and your players excel.

As a Member, you will get access to all of my secret strategies and drills for “Staying In the Game”… plus a whole lot more.

From the very First Training Session, your Players need to understand that you are there to challenge them, make them a better Player, and have a much better understanding of the Game.

By using the Coaches Toolkit (as described in my E-Book – Coaching Soccer Made Simple) you’ll be able to let the flow of play continue to see if the Players understand what you presented, instead of stopping and starting, which can lead to frustration and may eventually turn their ‘Mental Switch’ Off.

In the last 32 years of Coaching Soccer I have read numerous “How to Coach Books” and attended probably hundreds of Courses. I always got some nuggets from them, even the bad ones. But in my mind, you need to be as helpful and insightful so the Coaches can literally access the Training Session – Print It and go out and run it – it is really that easy.
So I’ve created this extensive Membership exclusively for Soccer Coaches
who really want to excel in their Coaching Career.
Here is what you are getting today…

Coaches Code of Conduct                                                                                                               $97

Outlines behaviors needed in a Coach to get the best out of their Team.  Of the coaches that Stephen sees, less than 15% exhibit these behaviors.  One Coach commented that since he’s used the “Code of Conduct”, he’s realized that he used to bark out orders at his players.  He has since fixed this and the Players responded positively.

Player Contract                                                                                                                                      $47

Outlines the Behavior of Parents, Players and Spectators that are expected.  This allows the Coach to set expectations proactively.

Game Sheet                                                                                                                                               $197

If you keep track of when players go in and out, Game by Game and file them… you are then properly prepared when a Parent comes to you at the end of the Season and complains that his/her child did not have enough playing time.  You also track red cards, yellow cards, etc.  This sheet is what enabled Stephen to correct a Referee that a Player should have been removed from a Game because they had the received two Yellow Cards in the Game.

Coaching Sessions in ‘Print, Read and Run’ Format                                                         $197

The jewel in this crown! This saves time and a Coach can develop a Library of Sessions for use for an Entire Career.  The Coaching Session includes a diagram, key coaching points, lessons to reinforce and why you are working on a certain aspect of the Game.

Monthly Webinar on Rotating Topics                                                                                Priceless

Sample topics include How to Start a Tournament for your Club, Fundraising ideas for you and your team, How to leverage local soccer events to grow your club, How to create a “College Night” for your club and the list goes on! 

Private Facebook Group                                                                                                            Priceless

And last, but not least is the Coaching Soccer Made Simple Facebook Group. Need help getting more teams in your tournament, reach out to your peers through the facebook group! You can get help planning a session, get your questions answered, and keep up to date with current events in the World of Coaching Soccer.
$538 Total Value!
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About Coach Stephen Hauter
Stephen is currently the Ohio South ODP Director for District 1 and has been a Region II staff coach. He has over 32 years of Playing, Coaching, and Training Soccer, including Playing Professionally with the Chicago Power. 

He has helped develop through Illinois Youth Soccer Associations ODP Program a number of notable Professional Players such as Michael Bradley, Mike Magee, Brad Guzan and Jonathan Spector.

 Stephen holds a USSF National “A” and National Youth License, NSCAA Director Of Coaching Diploma, and is also a Coaching Education Instructor.

 If you are committed to developing the Player on and off the field to succeed in LIFE and there is no better way to do that than Soccer.

And there is no better place to deliver the ongoing training that you need to become the absolute BEST Coach you can be than by joining Coach Hauter’s Inner Circle Membership.
Here’s the Good News…
For a limited time you can try out The Coaching Soccer Made Simple Membership Site for a $1 two-week trial. After the trial the membership site is $37 monthly.
Go through the Training and Coaching Sessions. 

If you aren’t thrilled with the hands on Coaching Methods that you can use to really excel in your Coaching Career, you can simply cancel at any time.
So go ahead and click the Get Access Now button below and get immediate access to this incredible information today.
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  •  If you would enjoy having a safe place to ask questions about how to handle parents of player, then, Yes!
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Yours In Soccer,

Coach Stephen M. Hauter
Frequently Asked Questions
If I’m just starting out, is this a good fit?
Absolutely!  You may want to choose a session to run and can even ask pointers on execution in the facebook group to improve your confidence.  Everyone starts at the beginning, so this is a great opportunity for you to get help not only from Coach Hauter, but also others in the membership site.
I’ve been doing this for years, how could this help me?
Soccer continues to evolve so as updates are made to the position names/numbering, etc. you can learn about those things here.  Also, if you are interested in increasing your income, this is perfect for you.  Coach Hauter is continually further his education so the content and is fresh and current.
How does this save me time?
Coach Hauter takes a great deal of time to design a session, and then he uses them himself.  By the time the session is put in the formal output you see, hours have gone into design and application.  In fact, if you want help in choosing a session, you can ask that in the facebook group and spend virtually no time of your own in preparing!  Of course, to your players and parents, it will look like you’ve spent hours!
Isn’t coaching intuitive?
There are proven guidelines for the most effective coaching sessions.  Countless sessions are run as a scrimmage and, while it has its place, there are components to sessions that drastically affect what the players retain.  Joining the membership site will help with this understanding and then guidance while you apply to your team
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