Stephen HauterStephen Hauter is married to his wife, Laura, and has three children: Trevor, Taylor and Cooper.  Stephen has enjoyed playing soccer as a boy and into college.  

After college, he opened a soccer store with his family.  After the store, Stephen focused solely on coaching soccer, increasing his own expertise and teaching coaching education courses. 

Stephen is currently the Ohio South ODP Director for District 1 and has been a Region II staff coach.  He has over 25 years of playing, coaching, and training soccer, including playing professionally with the Chicago Power. He has helped develop a number of notable professional players such as Michael Bradley, Mike Magee, Brad Guzan and Jonathan Spector.  Stephen holds a USSF “A” and National Youth License and is an instructor for USSF licensing.
He also holds a NSCAA Director Of Coaching Diploma.

Stephen is committed to developing the player on and off the field to succeed in LIFE and there is no better way to do that than soccer.

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“As a professional soccer coach, I am always searching for quality resources that I can use to develop players, my teams, and expand my knowledge of the game.   I especially look forward to receiving Coach Hauter’s emails when they include a drill from the National team or a possession/attacking drill from one of my favorite clubs in the Premiership and Budesliga.   This resource gives me the opportunity to promote some of these quality training sessions to my youth teams with measurable results.”
~ Brad Poppell
“I attended an E-License Training Course given by Coach Hauter and found him to be a wealth of soccer knowledge. Going into the course, I was uncertain that this would be of any benefit, as I’ve played at the collegiate level and have been coaching for many years. I was extremely humbled by how much I benefited from the knowledge and love for the game that he brought to this course. His coaching technique and style are something that I will be striving for from now on out. I am so appreciative of his willingness to continue sharing his time, talent, tips and resources through correspondence. He has made me a better coach, and I will always be grateful for that!”~ Michael Hubert
timjeffusHello. I wanted to say THANKS again for the coaching/instruction experience this weekend. It was actually much more informative and helpful than I anticipated.Now that I’ve had a few days to take it all in and give some of what I’ve learned to my U9 players, I feel I am already more effective in guiding our training sessionsand provoking their thoughts about what they “could” do in the flow of play. >> BIG Thanks to you for giving me some communication clarification tips !!You are obviously passionate about this sport and I appreciate your approach to “spreading the gospel” of the beautiful game.I wish you the best this upcoming season and on down the road to many victories, On and Away from the pitch.May God bless you and your family,Cheers !!~ Tim J. Jeffus

“Developing as an athlete and young coach, requires preparation and sound resources. Coach Hauter’s skill sets, strategies, and inspirational words have completely been useful, and absolutely vital to sharpening my skills and elevating my field play. Each moment of the game is taught to be valuable, and emphasis is placed on the critical thinking aspects of soccer. My passion for the game continues to grow and I look forward to applying what I have learned already from these materials towards collegiate play, and hopefully beyond.”

~ Nate Musselman

“Clever, creative, but simple. Coach, Stephen Hauter develops athletes from the inside out, honing in on foundational skills which keeps players focused on: goal setting, skill building, fitness, and positive training methods. The depth of his lessons reaches players where they are at the stage in development of the game, creates positive player and coach preparedness, and gears the mindset to welcome education to heighten soccer IQ’s.  The lessons transfer well into diverse ages and stages of play, and personally have spurred me on to positive coaching experiences.”

~ Darby Musselman

Vic Clesceri“I met Stephen Hauter about 4 years ago during a coaching education course, while working towards my USSF E certificate.  A few weeks after the course, we met for lunch and began talking about my coaching goals, where we shared similar philosophies on age appropriate player development, soccer tactics and strategies.  I quickly brought Stephen in to train my U12 boys team at Warren County Soccer Club. 

As we began coaching together, he inspired me to go on for my USSF National D and to get involved as a coach in Ohio South’s District 1 ODP program.  Stephen and I soon became friends, and he has been a tremendous mentor developing me as a coach, as well as providing me ideas to move my soccer ministry in Guatemala forward. 

Additionally, Stephen and I began sharing our soccer networks, where I got him involved in some preliminary coaching education development for a soccer academy in Florence Italy.  Since then, I’ve been successful in connecting Stephen to soccer people throughout the U.S., Guatemala, Italy and Ghana. 

I’ve introduced at least fifty people to Stephen’s weekly soccer tips and lessons.  These tools are a tremendous resource and have helped me build a library of more than 1,000 lessons across the technical and tactical aspects of the game.  Additionally, I’ve found that if my team was struggling with a specific issue (e.g. speed of thought, transition to attack, etc.), I could contact Stephen and he would have several appropriate lessons to build this skill for my players. 

Stephen has a passion for developing players and it shows.  Everybody knows when Stephen is on the pitch.  His sessions are fun, though tough, and the players learn a lot.”

~ Vic Clesceri – Ohio South District 1 ODP

Founder G.O.A.L.S. – “Growing Outstanding Achievement and Leadership thru Soccer”

USSF National D – USSF Grade 8 Referee

“I played D1 soccer and know the game well. I’ve been coaching youth soccer for many years, yet found it difficult to prepare a practice session that wasn’t too drill oriented. Stephen’s training materials not only helped me with my overall approach to setting up a practice, but helped me implement small-sided games that focus on a particular skill the kids needed to work on. Not only have the kids shown quicker improvement this spring vs. last fall, but they are having more fun doing it. Three cheers for Stephen!”

~ Tony Farrell

Steve Broering

Earning my E License with Stephen Hauter was an amazing experience.  The course really helped with structuring my practices for a specific goal.  Ever since the class I have received constant information related to soccer from Mr. Hauter.  I requested some drill ideas to teach my U8 boys team the concept of triangle passing as well as give and go.  He sent me an email within 24 hours with some excellent ideas that I immediately and successfully incorporated into my practices. 

I just wanted to say thanks to Mr. Hauter for all of his help and that I would recommend to anyone that loves soccer, to get to know Stephen Hauter and his abundance of information.  Thanks and as you say ‘yours in soccer’.

~ Steve Broering

Cincinnati West Fury U8 Boys

“I met Coach Stephen Hauter about 5 years ago during a Buckeye Premier League match in Cincinnati.  After the match, we struck up a conversation and connected immediately in our philosophies in player development and exchanged contact information.  We have stayed in touch over the years and Coach Hauter has become one of the most influential coaches in this area of the country.

He is always sharing his ideas and simple training sessions with me.  These sessions have been a huge help in my development as a coach and also more importantly constantly keep me on my toes.  We exchange ideas far beyond just the training pitch but the education and involvement of team management, education of parents, and constant coaching education.  He shares information on the modern game in this country and how we are doing as a nation to develop better players for tomorrow.”

~ Evan Sutherland
Head Coach
Lexington FC
NSCAA Premier Diploma
USSF National B
USSF National Youth

“Coach Hauter’s drills and coaching resources have been a huge addition to my coaching career.  Coach’s sessions are innovative, organized, and adaptable.  I have used his resources with grassroots beginning players all the way up to premier high school players.  I believe Coach Hauter’s training tips and sessions will benefit all coaches from the grizzled veteran to the inexperienced parent.”

~ Steve Doring

Ohio South ODP State Staff

Butler High School

Joel Carey“Stephen M Hauter has helped me develop as a coach exponentially.  His training session he has provided me has aided in my teams being successful to helping pass USSF license.  I coach teams from U12 to U18, from lower level teams to the highest level teams in the state.  

His knowledge of the game is remarkable and unprecedented. Stephen Hauter helped me pass my National D license but more importantly my National C license on the first attempt.  Not only have I benefited but the 20 plus players who have and are playing in college or the next level.”

~ Joel Carey

USSF National C License 

ODP State Staff Coach 

“I want to thank you for the time and energy you put into teaching me on how to coach and learn the game of Soccer. You are clearly a very good instructor and student of the game.  I was hesitant to get into coaching, but your tips and tutorials have made this experience enjoyable and along with the added joy of spending time with my kids and mastering new soccer skills.”

~ Terry Feeney

Josh Howard

“Coach Hauter’s training sessions have helped me in more ways than one.  They have helped me on various levels as well.  I have been able to use his sessions with my collegiate players as well as my U12 girls.  The information and detail he provides helps you as the coach get a better idea of things to look for as the session progresses.  My teams have gone to another level after starting to use his plans.  I would recommend any of his sessions to any coach looking to improve their team.”

~ Josh Howard

Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach (West Virginia University Institute of Technology)

Technical Director (CUSA Courage SC)


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